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onlinetajweedclasses..com, an international Islamic school, that has been providing online Quran Tutoring services since 2006, assists you as well as your children in learning Holy Quran recitation and memorization with proper Tajweed. Register with any of our special range of Quranic courses as per your interest and enter the world of simplified Quran learning platform.


Why Just Quran Teaching ?

Online tajweed classes provides very easy and authentic online methods so that anyone of any age group and educational background can join us and avail the opportunity easily.

Moreover, the best feature is that you can choose time and day of your own choice and availability.


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You Never Experienced before

What do you think when you see a Qari reciting the Holy Quran in beautiful melodious voice? How does he do that? Will I ever be able to recite this Holy book in such a beautiful manner?


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To get started with the program that has enlightened the hearts of thousands of students all over the world with the noor of the Holy Quran, all you need is a computer with headphones and internet connection